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Nice Head Mechs!

Seeing these reminds me of my time at the Creature Shop in London where I helped organize puppeteer builds. These are some really nice mechs! Can't wait to see the skin on them and see them in action! Nice work Roboteermat!

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Reader Comments (3)

It's going to be a good solid while before I get around to this one, so I'm throwing it out there in case someone else can make it happen first:

So the obvious thing is that the MakerBot can print animatronic skeletons for servos. (Those standard servos in that roboskull caused a little thrill of recognition in me-- I can print an interface for that.) So you design a robot facial armature in Blender and yes, you can even test it with the physics engine if you're feeling ambitious.

But the thing I'm thinking about is bigger than that-- Blender has an advanced animation suite in it. It has inverse kinematics, action editors, action combiners, ipo curves, the works. It also has a Python script api. Write an animation's finished ipo curves to a file, and you have a set of commands for servos that could easily be issued through an arduino or other micro board.

Whether I'm the one to do it or not, I think it's pretty likely we're going to be printing and animating animatronic puppets SOON. Anybody with a MakerBot can do this. And more people have them running basically every week. This is going to be so awesome.

Hi all :)

Thank you for the blog spot, however i justr want to clarify i didnt make these myself, they are from Crawly Crw=eatures -a company who do animatronics in the UK, im going to see if i can make one, and borrowed the images to see how they are made. They are for a feeature film, Agent Crush, have a google for crawly creatures

I have made an animatronic arm - search youtube for Roboteernat,
But yeah, i just want to clirify this ios not my work :) (i will make one shortly - the makerbot is going to be used to make the outer shell, then covered in latex to give it skin feel :D


That is one DIY project that I don't think I can attempt...a little too technical for my skills. I'll forward this one on to my brother though. Thanks!

Aug 4 | Unregistered CommenterSam

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