Pink Bunny Stories

So far I have completed two Pink Bunny Stories and I'm happy with them. It takes a long time to draw them, edit them on the computer and then format them on the webpage.

If we have some sun in the next few days, I will be trying to get some good photos outside of Pink Bunny for the photos.

I have some songs to put up in the songs spot and I'll do that soon too.

I order t-shirts on Monday to have Pink Bunny t-shirts to sell. I've already got the silk screen. I may make a new one and then also make a Magic Monkey Bob or Kona Cat designs for t-shirts.


Pink Bunny Home Page

Pink Bunny Home Page
The pink bunny webpage is in progress. I'm in love with it. Actually, I'm in love with Pink Bunny, but there you go.


Editor's Life Unedited

Editor's Life Unedited
I like reading this blog by the editor of Coagula, an arts rag in Los Angeles.


Car Hunting

I'm on the lookout for a new car and I have three criteria.

1. style
2. fuel economy
3. safety

So I've got some ideas.

1. a toyota or honda or acura
2. an old mercedes that is diesel that I can run on biodiesel
3. a brand new ford focus or similar

Any ideas?

I am working on a bunny story website and i'm trying to develop stories for pink bunny. I've got the basic design and I'm working on content. I've got my work cut out for me. Writing is hard.


Life is Good

I just spent the evening with Daniel going to first Thursday and seeing a lot of art. I liked the stuff at Greg Kucera. I liked the sunset best.

I went to a great meeting last night called "when things die" at conworks. I met a lot of people who have run arts organizations. I'm putting energy into starting a gallery. I can feel it coming.

School is wrapping up, I had my last afterschool guitar class today. I have brought them a long way in six months and it feels good to have my legion of guitarists sprouting out there in the world.

I get noticed out in the world by parents of students I know and they say "hey Mr. (insert my last name here)" I like it. People appreciate what I do and the enthusiasm and energy I bring to the arts at my school.

I had a great time today with my classes acting out fairy tales on my new stage. Scarves and hats and a stage make acting for real. I am feeling proud of my work as a teacher right now. I make a difference in 250 students lives.