I'm Bre Pettis. 

I created Bold Machines. I'm a cofounder and former CEO of MakerBot, leading the next industrial revolution to empower creative explorers to make anything. I'm proud to have been a public school teacher. I started NYCResistor. I've made a lot of videos. I've been on the cover of WIRED and Popular Science and I play clawhammer banjo to relax. I'm super excited about the Gotham Space Agency. I have a few projects dedicated to increase the amount of friendship in the world that are in stealth mode. 

It is the best time in the history of humanity to be a creative individual. The hardware and software tools are accessible, electronics are modular, and there are amazing resources available to those who are willing to explore the frontier of what happens next.

You can find me on Twitter as @bre

I am a 2015 Henry Crown Fellow, a 2012 TED Fellow and member of the Brooklyn Dive Club. 

I've made a few investments in companies including Happy Any Hour, PerchKeybaseIO BentoBoxGlowforgeBondElepath, Dragon Innovation, Dash Labs, Techshop, Local Motors, RoundPegg and Freeport

I created The Cult of Done Manifesto with Kio Stark. This is how I work.

I speak at conferences, universities, and events around the world. Some of the events I've presented at are VMWorld, Qualcomm Venture Summit, SXSWi keynote, European Consumer Trend Conference, TTI Vanguard NextGen, and Roboexotica. I'm represented by the Leigh Bureau. Give them a holler if you'd like me to speak at your event.